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a holiday rock opera

Music & lyrics by Danny Paller

Based on the Book of Esther

“The best holiday special on television” –Haaretz

PURIM ROCK! was written and produced for Israel National Television (Channel Two).  Danny wrote the music and the English libretto, and one of Israel’s greatest lyricist-translators, Ehud Manor, translated it to Hebrew.  It was animated by Scopus Films.


The ultimate tale of twists and turn-arounds, this musical version of the Book of Esther is for adults and children alike.


The rock opera runs 24 minutes.  A co-production of TelAd, Scopus Films, and JeMM Productions.  


Never In My Life – 32 sec

Esther makes her decision. (Hebrew version)

The Card Party (Finale) – 1 min 34 sec

Queen Esther reveals Haman’s plan.

Dearest Esther – 1 min 27 sec

Mordechai charges Esther with the task of rescuing her people.

Knockin' Off Ahasuerus – 34 sec

Two guards plot against the king, and Mordechai overhears.

The score of PURIM ROCK! was recorded

by Muso Productions and sung by Yael Deckelbaum, Chanan Elias, Billy Weisel, David Kay, and Steven Arnoff.

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