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a musical comedy-fantasy about Jerusalem

Book by Bernie Kukoff, Lucile Lichtblau & Alan Gelb

Music & lyrics by Danny Paller

“In a brilliant tour-de-force the audience is swept through a brief history of Jerusalem.  Delightfully entertaining!” –Haaretz

“Filled with Jerusalem’s spirit, history, and sense of adventure” –The Jerusalem Post

 “Family-friendly with plenty of energetic song-and-dance” –Times of Israel

Featured in Broadway World

In AH, JERUSALEM! a Jewish-American family embarks on a time-tripping mission in Jerusalem, where they find love in the time of King Solomon, escape danger at the hands of the Crusaders, and change history in the 1920s.  Through a rollicking plot and upbeat music, the musical conveys how Jerusalem changes us, and brings Jerusalem’s uniqueness to life for contemporary audiences.


AH, JERUSALEM! premiered in Jerusalem theaters in 2013, and in 2014 was house production at the magnificent outdoor theater in Jerusalem’s Tower of David.  The play has a seven-person cast and runs 70 minutes.  Collaborator and co-producer Bernie Kukoff is the producer of I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change, the second-longest-running musical in off-Broadway history.


Jerusalem Air – 45 sec

Opening – full ensemble

Jerusalem Air - Danny Paller

I Want More – 43 sec

As Charlie, a psychiatrist from Indianapolis, and his wife Madeline pack for a family vacation in Cancun, Charlie opens up to Madeline.

I Want More - Danny Paller

Promo video from Tower of David production of AH, JERUSALEM! – 2 min 25 sec

The premiere of AH, JERUSALEM! was directed by Bernie Kukoff and starred Nitzan Sitzer, Roni Yacobovitz, Miri Fraenkel, Josh Bloomberg, Lev Kerzhner, Gady Weissbart, and Rosie Richman.

I Can Go Back – 51 sec

Following the vision telling him to go to Jerusalem to find a lost ancestral treasure, Charlie reroutes his family to Jerusalem.  The tour guide Shmulik approaches the Axelrods and offers his unique services.

I Can Go Back - Danny Paller

Turn Yourself Around – 56 sec

Transported to the Jerusalem Bus Station circa 1920, Madeline overhears a young woman fuming about her mistreatment at the hands of her fellow kibbutzniks and despairing of her Zionist dream.  Madeline gives her some unsolicited advice.

Turn Yourself Around - Danny Paller

All the Fleeting Days – 1 min 27 sec

Finale – full ensemble

All the Fleeting Days - Danny Paller
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