Book, lyrics, & music by Danny Paller

Concept developed with Joyce Klein and Jeff Rosenschein

Set in South Carolina and the Caribbean in 1720, DAnGEr is about two female pirates and one fiddler – a tale of class and gender rebellion, of a community on the edge, of obsession and betrayal.


Down-and-out fiddler Henry Pogue finds employment on a pirate ship, where the captain has brought along his lover Lizzy, a refugee from her genteel upbringing. When a newly-captured sailor named Bo turns out to be a woman, Lizzy and Bo become legends of the Caribbean – until Pogue’s obsession with Lizzy leads to the ship’s demise.


DAnGEr premiered in 2015 in Jerusalem’s Karnaf Theater.  It runs 1 hour 40 minutes (no intermission), and has a seven-person cast – two women and five men.  It is based on a true story. 


One Fine Morning – 1 min 57 sec

The pirate crew includes Gilead, an escaped slave.  He recalls the day 12 years earlier when he was sold to a different master – the last time he saw his family.

Suddenly the Sea –1 min 6 sec

Lizzy first meets pirate captain Calico Jack in a Charleston tavern.  They sing about how each of them is seduced by the sea.

Running Away – 1 min 10 sec

In a jail cell following their trial, Lizzy and Bo contemplate the strange destiny that brought them together. 

One Fine Morning - Danny Paller
Suddenly the Sea - Danny Paller
Running Away - Danny Paller

Video from Karnaf Theater production of DAnGEr – 2 min 26 sec

photos by Brian Negin/Aharon Manor

"Juicy and delicious" "Gorgeous score - 'One Fine Morning' is one of the most moving musical-theater songs I've ever heard"

"Captivating story and characters" 

The premiere of DAnGEr was directed by

Eli Kaplan-Wildmann and starred Howard Metz, Miri Fraenkel, Yaeli Greenblatt, Zvi Goldfeld, Yaser Abdalla, Josh Bloomberg, and Yosef Caldarone.  Audio excerpts

are sung by Gideon Hersher and Karen Delamour.