a musical drama on the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin

Book and lyrics by Myra Noveck & Danny Paller

Music by Danny Paller

“Fascinating” “Riveting” “Intelligent and moving” “Wonderfully expressive music” “Brave” “Timely”    

NOVEMBER is a collision course between its two main characters – warrior-turned-peacemaker Yitzhak Rabin and his assassin, 25-year-old law student Yigal Amir.  It delves into the psyche of a deeply divided country, and explores issues very much at play in our contemporary world – polarized political discourse, demonization of the Other, the role of incitement, the battle between hope and fear.  


The first reading of NOVEMBER was held in Jerusalem in November 2016.  It runs two hours, is mostly music, and has a six-person cast – three men, three women.  Act I takes place during August-October 1995, and Act II on November 4, 1995, the day of the assassination.  The play is based on true events.


Sterile Zone – 68 sec

A cocky Shin Bet (Secret Service) operative, placed in charge of the parking lot area below the rally, reviews the list of prime suspects as Yigal Amir walks right by.

Short & Yemenite – 32 sec

Yigal's law school friends wonder if Yigal's boastful remarks about killing the prime minister are more than his usual braggadocio. They decide to report him to the police, but hide his true identity.

Should I? – 60 sec

In anticipation of the rally Rabin's bodyguard tries to convince the prime minister to wear a bulletproof vest. Rabin says he will not wear one among his own people. On separate parts of the stage, Rabin and Yigal process – each in his own way – the possibility of death.

Grandpa Was a Soldier – 69 sec

Rabin’s wife Leah and her granddaughter Noa watch an anti-government rally on television, at which demonstrators hold posters depicting Rabin as

a Nazi and light memorial candles in Rabin’s memory. The ugly atmosphere terrifies Noa, but Leah clings to a belief that even her husband's political opponents remember his contribution to Israel's security.

Pure Heart – 37 sec

Yigal announces to his brother Hagai that tonight he will assassinate Rabin, using the bullets specially modified by Hagai.  Hagai knows that his brother will most likely be killed in the act.

Sterile Zone - Danny Paller / Myra Noveck
Short & Yemenite - Danny Paller / Myra Noveck
Grandpa Was a Soldier - Danny Paller / Myra Noveck
Pure Heart - Danny Paller / Myra Noveck
Should I? - Danny Paller / Myra Noveck

November Trailer  3 min 25 sec

The reading of NOVEMBER was directed by Yaeli Greenblatt and starred Evan Kent, David Djemal, Sandy Cash, Rebecca Sykes, Josh Moss, and Shayna Tischler.

Painting on poster was made by Yossi Pnini.