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a bi-lingual musical

Book, music, & lyrics by Danny Paller

"A musical that makes Hebrew leap to life." –Seattle JCC

"Energetic and touching.  The music won't leave my head." –The Agnon School, Cleveland 

OTIYOT is a musical-fantasy about the Hebrew alphabet.  Each year a Scribe and a Teacher (we're talking The Odd Couple) choose a letter most deserving of a crown.  Competition is fierce, as Yuds take to the air, Hey searches for its voice, Young Letters prepare to enter human classrooms (honey is smeared), Old Letters recall past lives, and Samech and Ayin fall hopelessly and awkwardly in love.

This is a show that reveals the depth and charms of Hebrew both to performers and audience.


The musical has a flexible cast size, runs one hour, and has 12 musical numbers - some in English, some in Hebrew, and others combining both languages. 



The Scribe

Sim K'tzat D'vash (Put a Little Honey)


Hallel L'Lamed (Ode to Lamed)

Erev Tov, Mar Samech (Good Evening, Mister Samech)

The Voice I Never Found

Resh Is a Very Useful Letter


The Crowning Ballet

V'Shinantam L'Vanecha (Teach It to Your Children)


OTIYOT premiered in Toronto.  Excerpts

are sung by Joyce Klein, Jay Rothman,

Rachel Frielich, and Danny Paller.  


Resh Is a Very Useful Letter – 53 sec

Resh makes its case before the Crown Selection Committee.

Resh Is a Very Useful Letter - Danny Paller

Sim K'tzat D'vash (Put a Little Honey) – 46 sec

The Teacher prepares the Youngest Letters to enter a human classroom.

By smearing letters with honey, the Teacher offers children a sweet reward for each letter learned.

Sim K'tzat D'vash - Danny Paller

Tiny – 43 sec

Yuds may be small, but they sure can fly.

Tiny - Danny Paller

Zichronot (Memories) – 32 sec

The Old Letters hold our deepest secrets in their memories.  We hear from letters from the Dead Sea Scrolls, a rare Haggadah, a poem by Yehuda Halevi, and a note handwritten by a boy in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Zichronot - Danny Paller

B'Alefbet (In the Alphabet) – 50 sec

The alefbet chorus line, featuring the alphabet's first letters, last letters, and everything in between.

B'Alefbet - Danny Paller

V'Shinantam L'Vanecha (Teach It to Your Children) – 47 sec

Special song sung at the Crowning Ceremony.

V'Shinantam L'Vanecha - Danny Paller
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